Domestic Violence and Patriarchal Societies Essay

Domestic Violence and Patriarchal Societies Essay

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For centuries, the issue of spousal or partner abuse has been concealed from the culture at large, and this general lack of knowledge lead to the formation of myths and untruths, which still permeate our society today. Most of us still hold on to the old notions about domestic violence. Now we wonder who are the victims and who are the perpetrators. Socialization and enculturation play significant roles, but patriarchy societies aim is to control women. This is not random violence. Women are targets because of their sex, and the risk factor is being female. The myths in The United States raise questions about these victims and perpetrators are that they lack education, take drugs or alcohol, and have low self-esteem.
In 1989, a recently married woman in Delhi, India was beaten and doused in whiskey and then set aflame. Her murder was cited as one of the 110 "dowry deaths" or "bride burning" in Delhi that year. These deaths are attributed to the custom of the bride’s family giving gifts to the groom to secure a good home for their daughter. When the dowry is not adequate, he may kill his wife in order to remarry and claim another dowry. In Africa, the prospective husband pays "Bride wealth" to secure a woman’s hand in marriage the exchange is so commercialized that the inflated costs of bridewealth
leave the man with the distinct impression that he has "purchased" his wife (Heider, 1997). Also in Africa, about 2 million girls each year (6,000everyday) are genitally
Domestic Violence 3
mutilated – the female equivalent of a male circumcision, which is amputation off all or part of the male penis. This makes a woman marriageable and controls her sexuality (Torr & Swisher, 1999).
It is t...

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...n of patriarchy – women and children are property of men is underscored the world over. This male domination is the social structure based on the traditional roles underlying every culture in the world and keeps women from attaining social and economic independence, and thus maintaining patriarchy.


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