Essay on John Holland's Theory of Vocational Personalities and Work Environments

Essay on John Holland's Theory of Vocational Personalities and Work Environments

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John Holland's Theory of Vocational Personalities and Work Environments

Holland’s theory of vocational personalities and work environments is the premier structural theory behind modern counseling. His theory structural theory is centered around the basic belief that people will seek out careers that offer environments that are compatible with their interest, likes and dislikes. This basic premise is the foundation for Holland’s globally accepted vocational personality and work environment theory. This structural theory can be explained by four general statements. First, in today’s society, generally most people will fall into one of Holland’s six category types. These types are defined as Realistic, Intellectual, Social, Conventional, Enterprising and Artistic. Secondly, there are six kinds of environments that exists in modern society (Holland, 1966). These environments are also defined as Realistic, Intellectual, Social, Conventional, Enterprising and Artistic. Next people will search for the environment and vocation that allows them to best use there skills and talents, to express their attitudes and values, to take on problems and roles they like and avoid the ones that they dislike (Gottfredson, 1981). Finally a persons behavior is determined by the interaction of his personality pattern and his environment. Holland’s theory allows counseling to define, explain and predict personality types and their compatibility with the work environment. Holland’s theory on the surface may seem simple, but the interest in his theory are useful and can indicate much more than just the types of work a person will enjoy. The many components of abilities and personalities are contained within a persons interest profile. Joh...

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