The Effects of Color on Personality and Relationships Essay

The Effects of Color on Personality and Relationships Essay

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The Effects of Color on Personality and Relationships

When dealing with interpersonal relationships people’s personalities are a large part of how people get along. When you meet a new person you may say that you “hit it off” or that “you just clicked”; this is due to how each other’s personalities coincide with one another’s. People’s personalities are impacted by there surroundings. This paper will discuss how color affects people’s moods and personalities. All people are affected by their surroundings. Emily Landen after a pilgrimage to several third world countries stated, “the children were so malnourished that it made me physically ill to continue to be around them everyday.” This is just a brief example of how one’s surroundings can affect not only a person’s psychological health but their physical health as well. It is the findings of this author that subtle things like color can affect a person’s personality. At times in our busy lives it is sometimes easy to overlook some of the little things that may cause influence on how we interact with our wives and children. After much consideration value was found for the argument that there are influences on us daily by the colors that we surround our selves with. Interesting to thing that the color that we paint our rooms may influence whether or not we have a good day at work or whether or not we are in a great mood when we get home.
The first known studies of color were done in ancient Greece by Aristotle, theorized that color existed in the form of rays sent down from the heavens by God. His theory was not disputed until the Renaissance when Aguilonius and Sigfrid Forsius developed more sophisticated color systems. Aguilonius's system was the first attempt at def...

... middle of paper ... profession makes use of color in certain treatments. For instance, premature babies with jaundice are cured by a chemical reaction triggered by exposure to blue light for several days. The relation between blue light and jaundice is beginning to be well understood scientifically.
The research has shown that there is direct correlation between color and personality. In planning the next painting of ones house they should take this data into account.

APPEARANCES IN CONTEXT, 1989 Burlington Press, New York.

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