The Dangers of Technology Essay

The Dangers of Technology Essay

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The Dangers of Technology

Within the past two years computers have become a new way of doing business, enjoying various forms of entertainment, and interacting with others for the majority of our nation. Almost every aspect of technical work in industry today involves the computer in some way. It is hard to find something in the world at this present time that wasn’t either made by a computer program, or houses a computer of its own. Keeping this in mind while reading Ray Kurzweil’s article “The Virtual Thomas Edison” makes one realize just how much humans depend on computers, and Kurzweil’s hypothesizes that “Within three decades machines will be as intelligent as human beings”(Kurzweil, pars 16). Kurweil continues, by stating, “Bill Joy, co-founder of Sun Microsystems, has written about a wide range of dangers that could arise when we no longer have our metaphorical hands “on the plug”(Kurzweil, pars 2). It’s an unsettling thought, assuming Kurzweil’s prediction is correct, that computers may surpass man’s intelligence in 30 years and progress beyond our control. Kurweil’s quoting Bill Joy sums up the feeling of uneasiness towards the quick progress of computer technologies very well. It produces a slight tinge of fright as it is read because it could indeed be true.
Kurzweil offsets his feelings of apprehension by going into great detail about how these advanced computers will help us in the future. He goes as far to state that computers will be able to create ‘nanobots’ to help rid of humans of several diseases and possibly prolong man’s collective life span. “By 2030 there will be ubiquitous use of surgery-free neural implants introduced into our brains by billions of “nanobots” (i.e., microscopic yet intelligent rob...

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... be able to keep a firm grip on the reigns of this technology. “I am optimistic that we will ameliorate these dangers while we overcome age-old problems of human distress”(Kurzweil. Pars 15). Kurzweil’s optimistic view of the humans prospering greatly from the machines is a happy ending, but it is not a completely reassuring one based on some of his conjectures. If the computers are smart enough to assimilate all of human knowledge, then how is man to predict the capability of holding them on leashes as they grow to gain artificial intelligence and awareness.
“Technology has always been a double-edged sword, and we don’t have to look further than today to see both profound promise and peril.”(Kurzweil, pars 15). If Kurzweil had used this statement for his conclusion instead of his optimistic final view, his article would have produced a more convincing argument.

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