Essay about China's Ultimate Goal of Returning to the Middle Kingdom

Essay about China's Ultimate Goal of Returning to the Middle Kingdom

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China's Ultimate Goal of Returning to the Middle Kingdom

China is aiming to regain its position as ‘The Middle Kingdom’, the center of the world. They wish to become a major political player through their military and economic prowess. They aim to gain the strength to flex their political will throughout the world. I believe their goal is to become united once again as ‘One-China’. When China totally regains its territories, such as Hong Kong, they plan on being a dominant world power once again.
China’s main goal is to become a major player in world politics, more specifically the main player. In sorts they wish to be in the same position as the United States; they wish to be involved in all major political decisions and actions around the globe. They want governments to feel the need to ‘o.k.’ their actions with them before they commit to their actions. To do this they must have military power as well as economic power. China still wants to be the ‘middle-kingdom’ and the top leaders know this will take giving up short-run concessions in order to gain long-run supremacy.
China will be hurt in the short-run by increasing its economic interdependence. The removal of certain tariffs and regulations will open up the Chinese market to outside competition. Government owned companies that were losing money will not survive with out drastic changes. This will lead to high unemployment while the Chinese market transitions to this new economy. The Chinese will need a social security and public health care system to deal with the temporary unemployment. The agricultural industry will be hurt most by this new competition. In the political realm china will no longer be totally free from ‘spiritual pollution’ and ideas t...

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...they are liable to become dangerous once again. China’s goal is to once again be the ‘middle kingdom’, and they will not hesitate to take extreme measures to regain this glory. They are willing to take a ‘hit’ in the short-run to achieve their long-run goals. The influx of new technology, information, capital, management, and industry will boost China into the 21st century and beyond. This will give them the capabilities to upgrade their internal infrastructure and their military. Their only possible restraints may be a possible dependency on foreign trade and a new influx of intellectual information. This could lead to a change in the social climate in China. Even though Top leaders still effect decision making, there will be a growing need to recognize the needs of the people. China will be constrained by their new economy, but will remain a future threat.

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