The United States' Relationship with China, Kosovo, and Cuba Essay

The United States' Relationship with China, Kosovo, and Cuba Essay

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The United States' Relationship with China, Kosovo, and Cuba

The United States once has very series military, or strategic, relations with China. This brought on the Moscow Conference in October of 1943 (which also included two other nations; United Kingdom & the Soviet Union)
United in their determination, in accordance with the declaration by the United Nations of January, 1942, and subsequent declarations, to continue hostilities against those Axis powers with which they respectively are at war until such powers have laid down their arms on the basis of unconditional surrender; Conscious of their responsibility to secure the liberation of themselves and the peoples allied with them from the menace of aggression; Recognizing the necessity of insuring a rapid and orderly transition from war to peace and of establishing and maintaining international peace and security with the least diversion of the world's human and economic resources for armaments; Jointly declare that their united action, pledged for the prosecution of the war against their respective enemies, will be continued for the organization and maintenance of peace and security. Also, that those of them at war with a common enemy will act together in all matters relating to the surrender and disarmament of that enemy. Third, they will take all measures deemed by them to be necessary to provide against any violation of the terms imposed upon the enemy. Another, that they recognize the necessity of establishing at the earliest practicable date a general international organization, based on the principle of the sovereign equality of all peace-loving states, and open to membership by all such states, large and small, for the maintenance of international peace and se...

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...C, which authorized entities subject to United States law to have indirect non-controlling investments in the Republic of Cuba. On 4 March 1994 the OFAC issued the opinion to Mr. John S. Kavulich II, who subsequently became the president (non-compensated) of the U.S.-Cuba Trade and Economic Council. The opinion stated that a United States business or individual subject to United States law may make a secondary market investment in a third-country business which has commercial dealings within the Republic of Cuba provided that the investment does not result in control-in-fact of the third-country business by the United States investor and the third-country company does not derive a majority of its revenues from business activity within the Republic of Cuba. Secondary market investment that falls short of a controlling interest in such a business is not prohibited.

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