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Steve Forbes

Steve Forbes is a conservative Republican. As President, Steve will advance the United States back to its undisputed world leader status. The Forbes Administration will pursue three objectives in obtaining this status. The first and foremost objective is to protect American sovereignty and security. The second objective is advancing individual liberty and human rights. The last is opening new markets and expanding existing markets throughout Asia.

Steve Forbes believes the next President must begin a major rebuilding of our military. Our armed forced are now hollowed out. The United States military personnel are not being adequately paid. As President, Forbes will pay American military personnel a competitive wage and reduce the time they are away from their families. We must also use the United States high-tech advantage to deploy a state-of-the-art ballistic missile defense system. Communist China has missiles that can now reach California and North Korea will soon have missiles that can reach Hawaii and Alaska. Iran is rapidly developing both nuclear weapons and the means to deliver those weapons by missile. United States officials confirmed they are monitoring Chinese construction of a missile launching facility near Taiwan. The U.S. said it has made clear to the Chinese government our concerns regarding Chinese missile development and its influence on the situation between them and Taiwan. China considers Taiwan a renegade province and has threatened to invade if the island regime declares independence. This new missile facility reportedly would be capable of handling 100 of China’s newest missiles, which are capable of carrying nuclear warheads.(USA Today Wed. 11/25/99) The United States...

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...r Middle Eastern countries to smaller rogue nations around the world. He wants China to sign honest trade agreements and act openly to the enforcement of these policies. If these rules of trade are not followed by the Chinese and they continue to head down the road to confrontation against the United States, we shall revoke Most Favored Nation trade status. Forbes feels this we be shock treatment for the Chinese, as opposed to the "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" approach the White House has now. Steve Forbes states, " I will never sacrifice American security or values on the altar of trade."(



USA Today, Daily World News (Wed. 11/25/99)

"No More Business as Usual" Speech by Steve Forbes at (

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