State Sovereignty vs. Environmental Sustainability Essay

State Sovereignty vs. Environmental Sustainability Essay

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State Sovereignty vs. Environmental Sustainability

With humanities growing knowledge of skills and technology, we have been able to
manipulate nature to meet the growing needs of humans. By doing this humans have
fished, gathered species, hunted for food, fuel, and shelter. Humans have domesticated
plants and animals, cut forests, used anything from fire to technological advancements to
alter habitats, and have significantly changes chemical hydrological and geochemical
cycles. As a result humans do not reflect what life on earth is, but changes to landscape
and sea reflect human culture. As species die, humans lose their food, medicines and
industrial resources and products that supply today for tomorrow. For humans to think
that they can be the last species standing and still survive is being ignorant of the facts .
This problem is of global concern and must be resolved with the cooperation of states,
NGO’s and the scientific community. Counties must realize that their sovereignty comes
second to the sustainable survival of not only the human race, but all of earth’s
encompassing life.

In the early 1400’s, human population began to grow substantially. The increase
in population added stress to earth’s resources and ecosystem which consistently increased
as humans developed new technologies. This period of technological enlightenment began
in the mid to late 1700’s with the industrial revolution, which was also the time when
humans moved out of self sustained villages and farms into complex interdependent cities.
Intensive industrialism started with the invention of the steam engine and ignited a mass
consumption of earth’s resources with developed countries consuming a majority of

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... be involved. Since the 1960’s and 70’s a large number of regimes,
institutions, agreements and policies for the governance of environmental politics have
been formed through the cooperation of hundreds of governments and international non
governmental organizations. The challenge for these regimes and non governmental
organizations is to promote the growth of sustainable living, preserving biological diversity
equally in plants and animals, repairing existing damage to the climate, and preventing
further damage in the future.


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