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Papua New Guinea Nurses

THE Papua New Guinea Nurses Association (PNGNA) wants the Departments of Labour and Employment and Health to shut down the Lorengau hospital.
Their call is based on the report of a health inspection conducted by the Department of Labour and Employment in February this year which condemned the hospital.
The February health inspection followed a safety inspection request by PNGNA in November last year.
In a letter to the Acting Secretary, Occupational Health and Safety, Liga Tanu, the safety and technical officer who inspected the hospital, Michael Suanika, said he "strongly ecommended that the Lorengau Public Hospital be closed for an indefinite period until such a time when the defects are rectified and/or maintained to a satisfactory level".
Among twenty of the defects he listed were:
* Hospital's operating theatre's air condition not fully functioning;
* Anaesthetic machine not working;
* Only one steriliser available;
* Only one fire extinguisher which was last serviced in 1997;
* No stand-by generator;
* In-built toilets for very sick in-patients and staff members have been without readily available water for the last 10 years or so;
* All hospital wastes are discarded into wheely bins then to the waste disposal site;
* Surrounding bushes used as toilets; and
* Wash and hand basins without readily available water supply for the last 10 years or so.
He said: "Instead of the medical staff administering curation of patients, they are indirectly worsening their ill-health with the situation they are in (e.g. cross-infection of diseases) from one patient to another through the medical staff."
He said to hear of such inadequate and insufficient services provided at the hospi...

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...matter to court may also benefit all those students who were excluded from studies early this year.
The excluded law students are concerned about their education and are meeting all legal costs themselves to ensure justice is done.

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