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Art and the Bible

Art and the Bible is an interesting approach at looking at art in all of its forms. It also answers the question what is the place of art in the Christian life? Along with the question it tries to put a general perspective on art. The different types of art that are mentioned are writing, painting, poetry, drama and music. The question is answered by looking in the Bible and finding specific example regarding art in all of its forms. The general perspectives on art are looked at in eleven points. I will also critique this book and give my personal opinion.
The first thing made clear in Art and the Bible is the Lordship of Christ regarding man. The Bible makes four things very clear: God made the whole man; in Christ the whole man is redeemed; Christ is the Lord of the whole Christina life; and when Christ comes back men will be raised from the dead and the whole man will have whole redemption. Under this framework is how art in the Christian life is understood. Art does have a place in Christian life, a Christian should use the arts to the Glory of God—not just as a tract, but as things of beauty to the praise of God. Without the framework then art would be seen as ungodly.
Many people think that the Bible has little to say about art. To be more specific some say that the Jews had no interest in the arts because of what the Ten Commandments say. This is believed only because the Bible is being misinterpreted. To read the Bible more clearly one would see that the Bible has much to say about art.
There are many places in the Bible where we can find that God allots art, and where it is even commanded by God. Some people think that art is not allowed by God, but in actuality God does allow it he just doe...

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...ding I thought that it was going to bore me, but as I read on it became very intriguing. I was going into it with a biased opinion because I am reading his other book “How then shall we live” and I don’t have the highest opinion on that book, but this one is very good. As I mentioned in my critique I think the only thing that I would have liked to see, is if it was written in a more understanding way. I understood most of it but there were some points I didn’t really understand what he was trying to get across. The thing that I liked most about it was that in all of his points he backed it up with Scripture, that shows me that he took his time to prove each of his points. If there were no scriptures then his points would have no truth to fall back on. So overall the book was really good and I would certainly recommend it to anyone who enjoys art in all of its forms.

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