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GWF Hegel

Imagine studying the political and social developments of the 20th century without ever considering Communism or evaluating the idea of Fascism. Envision a Russia without the effects of Joseph Stain or a Germany untouched by the doctrine of Adolph Hitler. The above statements seem incredible because these systems created so much of the political and social turmoil throughout this century. Just as politics seems incomplete without the prevalence of these ideas, it is also incomplete without the philosophy of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. G.W.F. Hegel stands as one of the most influential philosophers of the past three centuries. Unlike philosopher before him, his all-embracing metaphysical systems attempt to uncover the fundamental nature and meaning of the universe and human interaction. The philosophies Hegel developed are so complex that many people confuse what he actually believed and what has been attributed to him. Therefore, three main areas must be analyzed in order to best understand what Hegel believed and the origin of his beliefs. The first main area includes a biographical sketch, which serves as an analysis of his upbringing and how this later influenced his work. Next Hegel’s theories of Absolute Spirit and Dialectical Forces must be analyzed in order to understand their influence on the third and final area – his contribution to political thought. The popular opinion of Hegel holds firm roots in his political influence, making it imperative that this side of his philosophy be analyzed in order to gain a complete understanding of what Hegel stood for throughout his life as a philosopher.
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel was born in August of 1770 in Stuttgart, Germany, to a low-income civil...

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...ce over another.
The distinguishing feature between the products of Hegel and that of other philosophers remains the exceptional historical sense that underlies his work. By borrowing from the rationalism of the Enlightenment and the tenets of the Romantic Movement, Hegel combined the scientific method with a general understanding of human nature. He analyzed not only the steps leading up to a historical event, but also how people shaped the event, thus increasing the wholeness of the Absolute Spirit of humanity. Hegel’s works are often widely misunderstood because of their mystical, complex nature. Not all people can grasp the idea of Absolute Spirit of the Dialectic Struggle theory, but those who can understand the true philosophical genius that was G.W.F. Hegel and the numerous contributions he made to his profession during his time and into the modern day.

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