The Changing Role of the Supernatural in the Bible Essay

The Changing Role of the Supernatural in the Bible Essay

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The Changing Role of the Supernatural in the Bible

- The changing role of the supernatural in the bible
Almost every religious scripture references to experiences of supernatural phenomenon by holy men and women. The Bible is no exception .The bible in both forms The Exodus, the old Testamant and the Luke in the new Testament is concerned primarily with the existence of god , the nature of god, the relationship of god with his creratures , primarily humanity. Gods role in the history and creation of the world in essence in the Bible is about the supernatural , god being conceived as a supernatural deity separate and existing from the natural creation. The supernatural phenomena in the Bible are the actions taken by this supernatural being as he tries to influence the course of history and determines the fate of humanity. And it is thorough a careful study of this phenomena that one can determine the bible’s idea about the nature of supernatural deity
Upon contrasting the nature of the supernatural phenomena in the old testament and the new testament it becomes evident that within the bible there is a remarkable progressive shift in the nature of the biblical god, and most importantly his relationship with humanity. It is this evolution of the biblical god or more accurately the biblical concept of god that forms that results in the changing role of the supernatural in the bible.
In the Book of Exodus the relationship between god and man was similar to relation between a master and servant or in other words a king and a subject respectively. God says “you shall speak all that I command you”(Exodus,7:2), it is very clear through this vision that Moses had that God wanted to have dominion and control over peo...

... middle of paper ... of life. Sodom and domora and the flooding of the city could involve large scale loss of life in contrast with the miracles of the god of the new testament have to deal with primarily give sight, heal people and even reasing the dead.

was to aid Jesus Christ to prove his divine identity and to help him establish according to him, “the kingdom of God on earth”. Some of the miracles that Jesus performed were to convince the people of his divinity
God is even a friend. As a friend.
The evolution of the concept of god, through the changing role of the supernatural phenomenon, by the time the new testament.

Infact even the new commandment that is given by the god of the new testament is the Is that to live one another. But most importantly the god of the new testament seeks to establish a personal relationship with his believers as their father.

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