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The Bad Touch

By listening to the beat, and analyzing the lyrics of the song “The Bad Touch”, can the song be placed into a particular musical genre?
There are many different artifacts that I could have pick to write a paper about, but this particular artifact fell into my lap very unrepentantly. After leaving class I got into my truck and turned on the radio, I quickly recognized a particular song that I find very amusing. The song is called “The Bad Touch”, and is performed by a group called the Bloodhound Gang. The song has a very unusual beat and the lyrics are very funny, but the song is very sexually explicit. I continued to listen to the song until it was over. After the song was finished the radio station that I was listening to went to a commercial break, I then quickly changed to a different radio station. The next radio station that I switched to plays a completely different genre of music than the previous station that I had been listening to. I quickly noticed that this station was also playing the song “The Bad Touch” by the Bloodhound Gang. This lead me to my paper and research question.
The situation that created the confusion of which genre the song belong to was the two different radio stations playing the same song. In order to better understand the two different genres of the radio station I would first have to decipher what music genre the two radio stations considered themselves to be. The two different radio stations were
KWOD 106.5, and 107.9 The End. I e-mailed both stations to get their opinions on what
they considered their radio stations music genre to be. Kwod 106.5 believes that their stations music genre is “alternative rock”, while 107.9 The End believes that their music ge...

... middle of paper ... is obviously not a part of the alternative rock music genre because it does not have the essential components that are needed to participate in this genre. Some of the examples that I listed were the lack of electric guitar in the song. As for the hip hop genre I do not believe that you can participate in a music genre went the artist intent is to mock the whole genre. Just because the genre of music that you are mocking does
not acknowledge the joke, does not mean you are now a whiling participant of that genre. To answer the research question, no I do not believe that it is possible to place the song, “The Bad Touch”, into a music genre by simply listening to the beat and analyzing the lyrics. I conclude that not only this song, but the actual group, The Bloodhound Gang, are creating their own genre of music that has a place in multiple music genres.

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