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The cornerstone of Critical Thinking, Real-World Problem Solving and Meaningful Learning is questioning. There are three levels of cognitive questions and student learning. The first and lowest, data input processing, or gathering and recall information. Sample key words and desired behaviors are complete, count, define, describe, identify, list, match, name, recall, observe, recite, and select. Next, we have intermediate, data processing, or processing information. Sample key words and desired behaviors are analyze, classify, compare, contrast, distinguish, explain, infer, make an analogy, organize, plan and synthesize. The highest form, data output, or applying and evaluating in new situations. Sample key words and desired behaviors are apply a principle, build a model, evaluate, extrapolate, forecast, generalize, hypothesize, imagine, judge, predict, and speculate. Developing your skill in using questioning requires attention to detail and practice.
Cognitive questions should be planned, and thoughtfully worded and written into your lesson plan. You should always match questions with their purposes. You are well advised to use well-worded questions before you call on a student for a response. It is wise to give the student time, about two to nine seconds to answer. Sometimes teachers talk too much so it is also advisable to avoid this practice. A teacher needs to be able to call on all the students equally so no favoritism is shown.
Absolutely don't allow the students to shout out the answer but rather have them raise their hands to give you the opportunity to call on more than just one student, to involve the whole class. This allows the quiet ones to be drawn into the learning experience also. Use strong pr...

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...teach his students and his process can still be applied today in some cases. The bottom line however, is that when one goes to a physician, one prefers to have a specialist who can observe, interpret, judge and evaluate rather than one whose educational career has been characterized by not-taking and recollection.
The use of videos can be supplemented with other techniques that intergraded information literacy and critical thinking skills. One can promote cognitive and affective prowess that non-Native and Native students need if they are to be those "lifelong learners who can assimilate varying viewpoints, accommodate change and contribute to the well being of the community" (American, 1998b, p.4).

Taylor, R. H.; Lotsee Patterson. (2000). Teacher Librarian: Using Information Literacy to Promote Critical Thinking. Kencock & Associates, I

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