Essay on Is Nuclear Energy Worth the Risk?

Essay on Is Nuclear Energy Worth the Risk?

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Is Nuclear Energy Worth the Risk?

The capability for nuclear energy has always existed. However, not until December 2, 1942, at the University of Chicago, did nuclear energy surface. Enrico Fermi made that discovery by making a chain reaction in a pile of uranium. How a nuclear reaction works is that a neutron is “shot” through a gram of uranium, which creates fission. This causes a chain reaction, thus creating a nuclear reaction or nuclear energy. This was the first man-made nuclear reaction.
My argument is that nuclear power may be the so called “safe” and “clean” source of energy that we are looking for, but can we really afford to continue to use this source of energy. Is it “clean”? One problem with nuclear power is that currently we are unable to dispose of the waste that nuclear power plants produce. Furthermore, many of the power plants are unsafe and accidents do occur. They cause devastation to the environment and lives of people. I will provide you with evidence to illustrate that nuclear reactions have killed people.
First, we might ask, “How do we acquire nuclear energy”? Uranium is a mineral mined primarily in Canada and is what we use to produce nuclear reactions. Canada plays a major role in this aspect of nuclear energy because Canada was the first to mine uranium and Canada is the largest producer and exporter. When Canada exports uranium, it tells countries that it exports to, that those countries should only be using the uranium in nuclear power stations and not in nuclear weapons. Canada, however, does not put many restrictions on the condition of the reactors where they send this uranium. Some argue that Canadians should put more conditions on the safety of the reactors not on whether or not use t...

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-This article is from the green peace point of view and states that Chernobyl should not be reopened and used as a power plant again. It also has many great arguments as to why Russian nuclear management is unreliable.

4 Chalk River Laboratories. Environmental Research Branch. (1993). Summary report, BIOMOVS Chernobyl scenarios A4 (multiple model testing using Chernobyl fallout data of I-131 in forage and milk and Cs-137 in forage, milk, beef and grain) and A5 (Dynamics within Lake Ecosystems) / by S-R. Peterson. Chalk River, Ont. : Environmental Research Branch, Chalk River Laboratories, 1993.

5 Myers, Lynne C. (1987). The Chernobyl Accident. [Ottawa]: Library of Parliament, Research Branch.
-This book tells the story of the Chernobyl accident. It has many stories told by the people involved and affected by this incident.

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Essay on Is Nuclear Energy Worth the Risk?

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