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Essay about Guardian Figure

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Guardian Figure

Upon first sight of this sculpture, one is introduced to its overwhelming expression and brilliant size. This untitled statue stands approximately life size at a mere six to six and a half feet tall and is about two or three feet wide. He is standing upright on a gray rectangular structure approximately three feet off the grounding making him about nine and half feet total. This is a monstrous sculpture when looked upon firsthand. It seemingly is a man, possibly a warrior of some kind.
This statue is made from two different types of wood. The first of which is chestnut, which seems to encompass the lower portion of his body and in his clothing. Its color is a faded type of tan flesh tone. The second type of wood is cypress, found mainly in his face and upper body. It, too, is the same in color, but appears to have some kind of paint or varnish of some nature found throughout the surface. The wood seems to be pieced together because the joints are quite noticeable to the eye. The carving marks are also apparent, making the overall expression of this mammoth sculpture much more intense. There are deeper markings found throughout the face, expressing his highly sloped eyebrows and extreme facial expression.
Structurally, this figure is quite eye catching to say the least. Its broad, heavy shoulders are at an angle tilted upwards away from its hips. Its back is arched forward as if he were bending forward, possibly conveying a message. His right arm is hanging at his side, bent inward towards his rib cage. His left arm is displayed in a manner as if he were in the motion of punching or delivering a blow of some kind. His facial features show great anger and fury through intense carvings in the brow an...

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...l. The shadowy are brings out the fierce look and attitude in the face and eyes of this figure. It helps to define the muscle tone by creating a certain type of smoothness and takes away from that rough material used in the creation of this sculpture.
This particular statue can definitely be characterized as opened formed, due to its bodily placement and its highly developed facial features. It interacts well with the space around it. Its mere suggestive attitude that is created by the chosen position of the arms and in its head, show how this particular statue is opened formed.
All these visual characteristics add up to something in particular. The power texture of the surface bearing rough markings and strong facial features suggest that in a way. This man is a guardian figure of some kind, warning or attempting to keep someone out of something or another.

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