Cultural Differences for a British Tourist Traveling to an Islamic Country

Cultural Differences for a British Tourist Traveling to an Islamic Country

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Cultural Differences for a British Tourist Traveling to an Islamic Country

Dubai is becoming a popular destination for tourists. It is the second largest Emirate in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is the United Arab Emirates, tourism capital. Dubai's economy is largely based on trade, manufacturing and tourism and only 20% of the city's revenue comes from the sale of oil. It is a very safe city with a low crime rate. There are stiff penalties for crime. Drug smuggling and rape are punishable by death. In the United Arab Emirates death is by firing squad unlike Saudi Arabia where they use the sword.
Temperatures range from 24°C in January and up to 45°C in July.
British citizens with the right to live in the UK may qualify for automatic 30 day visit visas on arrival, but current regulations should be checked before travelling.

With rising wages, long haul destinations are becoming attractive and more affordable but are peoples' perceptions of Islamic cities such of Dubai correct. Do travel brochures give you enough accurate information on restrictions?

Cresta World Wide Travel 1st Edition Jan/Dec 2000

Special Note
During Ramadan the sale of alcohol and cigarettes is restricted and you may be required to refrain from consuming theses items in public between sunrise and sunset. Ramadan is expected to commence 27th November and last for 30 days.

Thomas Cook Signature Holidays World Wide Faraway collection Jan/Dec 2000

No information given about restrictions

Tradewinds World Wide Holidays Edition 1 Jan/Dec 2000

The consumption of alcohol is permitted by non-Muslims in all the Emirates except for Sharjah. During Ramadan not all of the not all the bars and restaurants are fully operational or s...

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... case as Dubai has a relaxed dress code. Western style clothing is quite acceptable, however, respect should be shown for local cultural & religious practices. Therefore, revealing clothing is not recommended and swim wear should be restricted to the beaches and pools. Furthermore, men (and women!) should refrain from walking around the streets without a shirt on.

The UAE's official language is Arabic, however, English is widely understood and spoken.

Local people, especially the women, do not take kindly to being photographed without their prior permission. In general, it is best to avoid taking photographs (or video footage) of any individual in a National Dress.

Islam is the official religion of the UAE and Mosques (places of worship) are dotted throughout the city. It is not acceptable for a non-Muslim to visit a Mosque.

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