My Favorite Job-Personal Narrative Essay

My Favorite Job-Personal Narrative Essay

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My Favorite Job-Personal Narrative

Working at Woodcreek Athletic Club is the best job I ever had. The hours and pay were great. I had the best boss anyone could have, and I learned an astounding amount.

The hours and pay made working at Woodcreek very enjoyable. My schedule was very flexible and could usually adjust it to fit my needs. If I needed to pick the kids up from school I could come in early so that I could leave early. I could also work out or play racquetball during working hours. They never would say anything to me as long as the club was operating smoothly. My lunch hour was also very flexible. For instance, if I had a lunch date at 11:00am on Wednesday I could take my lunch hour then. Or if I had a lunch date on Friday at 1:00pm I could take my lunch hour then. I also never had any problem getting a day off if I needed it. The pay was also outstanding. Based on a national survey of health clubs in the Free Weight Magazine I was making a salary that placed me in the top five percent of my job classification. The best part about my pay and hours was that I did not...

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