Essay on Shell's Communication Plan

Essay on Shell's Communication Plan

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Shell's Communication Plan

Shell is about to introduce to the market it's "New Improved" petrol which is about to solve the problems caused by using environment friendly petrol without additives and is expected to give the higher market share for it's major volume share.
The purpose of this report is to propose an integrated communications strategy for the launch of New Shell petrol in the UK.
Integrated marketing communications
We will begin by defining integrated marketing communications (IMC) and we will refer to the benefits that can accrue from developing this approach. Shimp (1997) suggests “IMC is the process of developing and implementing various forms of persuasive communications programmes with customers and prospects over time. The goal of IMC is to influence or directly affect the behaviour of the selected communications audience. IMC considers all sources of brand or company contacts which a customer or prospect has with the product or service as potential delivery channels for future messages. Further, IMC makes use of all forms of communication which are relevant to the customer and prospects, and to which they might be receptive.”
Building long-term relationships is something that Shell should be very interested in doing. By launching the new product Shell should not just consider the initial impact and awareness but Shell should also try to build long-term relationships with its costumers. With the aim of an intergraded marketing communication programme we can achieve a homogeneous interaction between communication objectives and marketing objective.
Integrated marketing communications calls for a "big picture" approach to planning marketing and promotion programs and coordinating t...

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...7 380 591 389
70 and over 439 376 255 336 331 352
All ages 677 378 616 420 645 400
Contact point for further information: +44 (0)20 7944-3097

Fig 2 showing number of licence holders in the UK


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