Essay Fast Food Industry in Turkey

Essay Fast Food Industry in Turkey

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Fast Food Industry in Turkey

Turkey has a fast growing $5.6 billion HRI food service sector, due to increased incomes,urbanization, more women working outside the home, and huge growth in tourism.
Major changes in the life styles, incomes, and consumption patterns of Turks in the last decade means they are increasingly prone to eat meals and socialize over food outside of the home. The growing number of fast food chains and restaurants in newly astablished shopping centers and hypermarket complexes are evidence of this newly emerging demand. A new and faster pace of life has also led people to find quicker meal solutions for their shortened lunch hours.
This has developed two niche sectors; fast food and institutional food service. Four factors helped this development:
1. Increased income levels: The researches show that the per capita income level in Turkey doubled during the last two decades. According to purchasing power parity, per capita income was actually much higher. In addition, Turkey was one of the world’s 20 biggest economies in 1999.
2. Urbanization and smaller household size: The share of urban population increased from 44% to 65%,and there was a sharp decrease in household size from 5.5 to4.4 individuals per household between 1978-98. The decrease in household size and increase in urbanization indicate an environment in which expenditures in the HRI sector will increase.
3. Growing number of working women : The share of working people has increased from 15% to 28% of the total workforce during the last two decades. This has also led to an increase in recreational and social dining. People are beginning to prefer to meet friends and to eat out rather than at home, which directly increases food...

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...n the market:
Processed Meat: Though there is a high demand for imported meat, a protestionist ban is currently in place. A small quantity of processed meat, in the form of Pork products, was imported largely from Italy, Belgium and the Netherklandsin 1998.

Products unsuccessful in the market:
Due to the conservative nature of many of this sector’s clients, and the small average size of the existing HRI providers,many foreign products have not been tested in the market. Most of the distributors tend to focus on the tried and truein tastes for the HRI market and do not look to introduce imported items to their customers. Innovation and new foods are coming as larger companies become involved in providing HRI meals and as tastes become more sophisticated. Interested exporters should be prepared to assist their importing partners in developing the market.

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