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Benjamin Franklin the Inventor
Benjamin Franklin is recognized as one of the greatest Americans ever. He contributed to the advancement of our country in many different ways. Since Franklin was a statesman, journalist, diplomat, inventor, and philosopher he was always in the middle of everything of importance. It is arguable which of these appositives best describes him. One thing that can not be disputed is that he is the greatest inventor ever.
To be forty-two in Franklin’s time was to be well beyond middle age. Life was much shorter then. He never guessed he would live to double that age. Since retirement was not forced upon him, he felt no depression for cutting himself off from his work. This is when he was ready to plunge into his life as a scientist and inventor. (Meltzer pg.110)
Ben did not invent things to make a profit or for just his own benefit. He refused to patent any of his inventions, because he felt that as we benefit from the advantages of the inventions of others, we should be glad to serve others by any inventions of our own.
In Franklin’s mind there was nothing that could not be improved. He was always looking for flaws in things so he could in some way fix them. He was a very arrogant man who thought that his way was always right and that his invention was better. Some of his inventions were the Franklin stove, a better candle, and numerous advancements in electricity. (Meltzer pg. 116)
One of his earliest inventions was the Franklin stove. Before his invention, chimneys were unable to carry off all the smoke. Then, too, fireplaces were often too hot to sit near, and when you did, while the heat toasted your front, the cold air nipped you back and legs. It was next to ...

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..., telephone circuit, and radar transmitter. (Meltzer pg.119-20)
Benjamin Franklin is the greatest American of all time. He contributed so much to this country that everyone who calls himself or herself an American has him to thank for it. He is the model American for all people to follow. He did not only help Americans though. He affected everyone with his original inventions and ideas. Life would not be the same today without the involvement of Ben Franklin.

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