Law School Admissions Essay - The Spirit Lives

Law School Admissions Essay - The Spirit Lives

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"Hasta la victoria siempre." (Che Guevara)

I want to study law so I can help people with problems in the workplace.  I am unhappy with the decrease in real wages, the huge increase in temporary and part-time employment that includes few or no fringe-benefits, and the continued existence of unsafe work places.  I believe that technological advances are going to continue to put people out of work, perhaps on a massive scale, in the next twenty to fifty years, and that government, business, and workers will have a new opportunity to share the gains in productivity that are to come.  I believe that people have the right to work at a job that allows them to afford to raise a family, live in a comfortable, safe home, and work in a safe environment.  I want to devote my work to improving workers' pay levels, assuring them access to health care, paid vacation time, fair treatment by their employers, and physical safety in the work place.  Increasing the number of safe, well-paid, secure jobs will go a long way towards helping alleviate many of the social ills that are associated with poverty.

    I was involved with labor issues at my job at the San Francisco International Youth Hostel, where I worked from 1992 to 1996.  I helped organize a group of workers there to discuss our work place and to smooth out scheduling conflicts between management and our group of workers.  In September 1995, part-time staff's holiday pay was taken away without any discussion at all, and I called the Executive Director of the Company the (The Golden Gate Council) and persuaded her to re-institute it.  I was regularly consulted for my opinion on various wage, hour and working-condition matters.

    I have seen how working people organize them...

... middle of paper ... as a community organizer for a volunteer service-exchange program that benefits seniors and the disabled.  the work I am doing reinforces the goals I have of helping solve problems in the workplace.  At my job here in West and South Berkeley, I have again seen the poverty that a dearth of good jobs breeds in a community.  I want to help raise my community's living standards through a more equitable sharing of the resources we transform in our workplaces.

    The last thing I can say about myself is that I am interested in almost everything and hope to learn much more about solutions to social problems, science, questions of spirituality and religion, history, visual arts, music, literature, and the list could go on for a while form there.  The curiosity and interest in knowing about the world is an asset that I will take into whatever endeavor I choose.


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