The Many Facets of India Essay

The Many Facets of India Essay

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The Many Facets of India

An Overview of the Five Themes of Geography
by Laura Warren
4th Hour Social Studies
March 30, 2000

Culture, and all its numerous subcategories, is what defines a
country and its people above all else. The individual society's habits and
ways of living set it apart from every other place in this diverse world.
Culture, a comprehensive term that encompasses everything from
language and music to transportation and education, is so multi-faceted
that its parts may in some ways conflict. India is a prime example of the
distinct contrast that occurs when tradition meets technology head on. It
is a country that is caught in a sort of generation gap; it tries to hold on to
its natural heritage and "old school" mannerisms while desperately
reaching out to the modern world of effective worldwide communication,
technology, transportation, and government. The contrast is what makes
India's culture so interesting and is what will hopefully bring color to what
might otherwise be yet another black-and-white geographical summation.
Before delving into the particulars of the culture, one should
become acquainted with the country's more straight-forward aspects.
Located precisely at 78 degrees East and 20 degrees North, India's
bordering neighbors include Nepal, Bangladesh, China, and Pakistan, with
the island nation Sri Lanka found off India's south east shoreline. India's
coastline touches the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal, and the Indian
Ocean. This section of the world is called the Indus Valley and
incorporates all of the above mentioned countries except China.
Through India run three major rivers: the Narmada, the Ganges, and
the Indus. The land itself is divided into three plains....

... middle of paper ...

...tance of
agriculture and the lack of "cutting-edge" technology. Agriculture, as in
many countries of this region, is indescribably pungent to the country.
Indians live off the land, honor the land, and preserve the land in a way
that many Western countries could learn a lot from.
Countries in this region may not be as advanced as the US is, but
they are gradually catching up to us, and perhaps mimicking us, in the
areas of technology, communication, and new tradition. All the countries
in this area share characteristics, but each, including India, possess
unique cultures and traditions that must be honored. It is that cultural
diversity that makes our world such an incredible place, and learning to
respect and learn from that diversity is what makes us grow as human


World Book Encyclopedia, 1997, 1999

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