The Fall of Bastille and its Importance to the Revolution Essay

The Fall of Bastille and its Importance to the Revolution Essay

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The Fall of Bastille and its Importance to the Revolution

Why was the fall of Bastille a significant turning point in events of the Revolution?

The fall of Bastille was very important to the Revolution because the country saw this as a new era. It started on July 11,1789 when the Minister of Finance Jacques Necker was dismissed which angered the people because he was like a hero to the people through his economic strategies. Word had spread that foreign mercenaries were about to massacre the citizens. Fear had swept through Paris resulting in loss of order. Food stores were looted; gunsmiths and army depots were ransacked for guns and ammunition for defense.
On July 14, Royal Troops approached Paris. The citizens decided to fight back but they were loosing and hundreds of citizens were dying. Then the French guard joined in with cannons. The garrison surrendered on honorable terms resulting in riots of the citizens.
The fall of Bastille spread throughout Europe as a new era of liberty and is still celebrated on July 14 in Europe. It was obvious the King had lost...

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