I Am Forty-seven and I Wish to Study Law Essay

I Am Forty-seven and I Wish to Study Law Essay

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I Am Forty-seven and I Wish to Study Law


"If I had it to do over again, I would go to law school."  That has been my response for the last fifteen years whenever I was asked if I felt fulfillment in my chosen profession. The truth is, I never felt fulfilled because I never really chose a profession.


As did many working-class people with no advanced education, my parents believed that the road to success was through education. Hence I was encouraged to pursue an academic education in high school and to attend college. Beyond that point, there was no plan. My career planning process resembled the path that a pin-ball experiences during its descent through a maze of bumpers, obstacles and flippers.


Considering my financial status (I had no money for college) and my vocational preference or suitability (I had no idea what I wanted to do, but I was mechanically-oriented and "good with my hands") my guidance counselor, using all the diagnostic skills and insights he could muster, advised that I consider either engineering or dentistry. His list of candidate institutions included Drexel Institute of Technology and Temple University, each of which was local and had arranged a program so that a student could work full-time to earn tuition while attending college.


Upon receiving letters of acceptance from both schools, a flip of a coin at the counselor's desk cemented the lifetime decision: engineering it was! Almost immediately after starting Drexel, I was certain that I had chosen incorrectly. My father was of the strong opinion that one completed what one had started, however, and being a reasonably obedient son, I completed five years of arduous undergraduate engineering school.


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...ssful real estate development and management firm. I never had a business or project repossessed by lenders or creditors, and I never experienced any bankruptcy or debtor's action against me. Along the way, I found time to fit in twenty five years of active Barbershop Quartet and Chorus singing which allowed me to serve in every major chapter officer's position, make enough significant administrative contributions to be elected to the honorary fraternity within our singing society (100 out of 6000 men), earn medals in several international competitions and appear on the stage at Carnegie Hall. So I guess in today's world I would be considered successful; however, something has been missing.


If I had it to do over again, I would go to law school. Now that my children are grown and my family's finances are secure, I have the opportunity to do it over again.

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