The Usefulness of Law Essays

The Usefulness of Law Essays

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The Usefulness of Law

Law is the most important thing in all over the world to keep the criminality away from each country. The law in every country is very similar except if we take out some cases in Houston Texas and Midol East that some criminals were executed. There are a lot of cases that a bad crime perpetrated without the criminal that perpetrate the crime to get arrest. Because of that, police because of their bad background arrested many innocent and criminal people. This people would do everything they can, in order to escape the punishment. That is why thousands of lawyers exist in the world. In addition the people; background, in other words their life experiences will also affect their decision to accept or escape punishment. Through life a person learns to obey and disobey certain laws. We have seen people that they do not agree with a particular law and with demonstrations and sometimes violence are trying to convince jurists for their rights. In the case of Socrates, he decided to obey the law, which would lead him to his death. According to Socrate...

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