Change of Hearts-Small Group Project Essay

Change of Hearts-Small Group Project Essay

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Change of Hearts-Small Group Project

My group consisted of four other members-Christy, Daniel, Brian, and Allison. When we were first introduced to the idea of a small group project we knew that our presentation had to entertain the audience, and at the same time inform them. At that point, we were functioning as individuals. Each of us tossed out a ton of ideas and some were shot down right away. That took about 5minutes. Then Daniel mentioned that we can do a parody of the television show Change of Hearts, and it stuck to us like glue. Gradually we began to feed into his revelation, and started to add our personal touches. Each of us became elaborators. For about 15 minutes we took the idea and expanded it to see where it could lead the group. Before we got carried away a group member would a give us an objective opinion, and that kept us on track. We had used constructive criticism to guide us to the final presentation. So after we had reached a point where we felt confident and comfortable with the idea, we decided as a group that we had chosen our topic and it was time to start planning out meetings. To me the way we went about sorting though ideas and coming to conclusions was quick, concise, and simple. We didn't have any miscellaneous things to cover or chat about. That day we walked out of class ready and motivated to have a good time and get our point across to the class.
Christy emerged as the leader in the group at the very beginning. At first I saw it as her being pushy, but then she explained that she was the only child in her family-yada yada yada- so I let her have the spotlight. In my opinion, she did a better job at organizing the details in the presentation than I probably would have. For example, she got...

... middle of paper ...

...resentation, and to me it felt like I was at summer camp. With Christy's sense of humor, Daniel's sense of direction, Allison's input, and a group effort of getting Brian involved, we had every component of a good group. We had the leader, the follower, the listener, the talker, and the slacker. Overall, I felt comfortable in this group. My opinions were always taken into consideration, and I wasn't intimidated at all. My group knew that when we present our information, we wanted to look laid back and comfortable with each other. The only way to do that is to be laid back, and role with the punches so to speak. The majority of my part of the presentation was improvisation, which shows that I had let my guard down
and trusted my fellow members enough to lead me into the next topic. In my opinion, my group did a great job and that was reflected in our presentation.

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