Essay about Investigating the Best Type of 19mm Sticky Tape

Essay about Investigating the Best Type of 19mm Sticky Tape

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Investigating the Best Type of 19mm Sticky Tape

For the major Science Investigation this year I have decided to test a
very commonly used household and office tool. The sticky tape or
pressure-sensitive tape. In this specific investigation the different
types of sticky tape being tested and investigated are all 18-19mm in
length. There is the Scotch 600 clear and transparent tape which is
expensive, then an 18mm wide, black electrical tape. A yellowish
coloured masking tape, a brown cellophane tape which is 19mm wide and
then cheap Officeworks sticky tape which was only 78c which 18mm wide.
These tapes all are used for different purposes around the house and
some may even have industrial uses. I will test in which conditions
and situations is each type of tape performs best and does its job of
adhering to the surfaces.

The sticky tape is really called adhesive tape , it is used to bond
two different surfaces or items. The household sticky tape is mainly
made of cellophane on the non-sticky side and can also used to try and
repair cracks and keep together splits in various surfaces of
different item. The Scotch and Officeworks tape is mainly used for
office use such as on paper, or manila folders. The other tapes are
used for various purposes around the house and the masking tape is
fairly an all-purpose tape.

This investigation will test which type of sticky tape is good for
whichever situation and environment. Before the actual experiments
start I believe that the masking tape is the best to use for smooth
and non-metal surfaces and that the clear office tape would be really
good for paper tears and other office related u...

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...ressure-sensitive adhesive tapes was achieved in
the 1920s, when Henry Ford introduced industrial uses of tapes.
Masking tapes were used in the spray-painting process, where different
coloured cars were assembled. In the 1930s the first cellophane
plastic were produced which had a rubber-cement based adhesive.


Cellophane is the common name for flexible, transparent film made of
regenerated cellulose and used principally as a wrapping material.
Cellophane is produced by dissolving wood pulp or other cellulose
material in an alkali with carbon disulfide, neutralising the alkaline
solvent with an acid, extruding the precipitate into a sheet, infusing
it with glycerine, and then drying and cutting the sheets to the
desired size. Cellophane was invented about 1910 by the Swiss chemist
Jacques Brandenberger.

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