Photo Electric Effect - Making Sense of Data Essay examples

Photo Electric Effect - Making Sense of Data Essay examples

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Photo Electric Effect - Making Sense of Data


I took part in a class experiment on the photo-electric effect. We
gathered lots of results which can be used to calculate several
values, such as the value of Planck's Constant. My task is to make
sense of the data obtained by interpreting, analysing and manipulating
the data from this class experiment. We did four repeats obtaining
results from six different colour bands. I have to communicate my
results logically, using ICT where appropriate.


In the class experiment we used a unit developed by the University of
Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Rutherford College to provide a simple method
of calculating Planck's Constant. I can't expect a high order of
accuracy, due to the inexpensive production process. It analyses
different energy levels over the range of the visible spectrum by
using different coloured filters between the light source of the
photo-tube. The reverse voltage is controlled by a large knob on the
front of the unit. The knob is made to be large so that a higher level
of accuracy can be achieved.


How the Photo-Electric Effect is Recorded:


The voltage produced by the photoelectric tube is linked to an
electro-ray oscilloscope. It is measured by applying a voltage against
that produced by the photoelectric tube until the reading on the
oscilloscope is flat, then the reverse voltage is measured on the
voltmeter. The reverse voltage is controlled by the variable voltage
supply as shown on the diagram above. The Reason that the p.d is read
on the volt meter is because through use the variable voltage supply
may be...

... middle of paper ...

... but less than half the
value it should have been. This could have been caused by several
major sources of error:

* Varying Sensitivity Over the Spectral Range. This is why the
results plotted on the graph are not in a perfect straight line.

* Small amounts of photo-emissive material landing on the anode
during the production process. This causes reverse emission,
reducing the accuracy of the value of the reverse voltage.

* A small red slit in the red filter. This allowed light of higher
energy level through, raising the p.d produced by photo-emission
slightly raising the value of the stopping potential for the red
wavelength. This would have changed the line of best fit of the
graph slightly, creating further inaccuracy in the calculated
value of Planck's Constant.

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