Essay about Christianity and Wealth

Essay about Christianity and Wealth

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Christianity and Wealth 'Jesus said to the rich young man, "Go, sell all that you have and
give I to the poor. Then come and follow me." In the light of this,
Christians in the First World cannot justify their wealth.'

c) God could have created the world in such a way that resources would
be distributed to each according to his need. He chose not to do that.
He distributed resources, and allows us to develop and redistribute
resources, in such a fashion that some have much more than they need,
and some have much less. It cannot be denied that resources, and also
the opportunity to access resources, are far from being equitably
available to all. Either God is unfair, or God does not care, or else
there is a purpose to this scenario of disparate resources. The
purpose is actually quite obvious, and leaps to mind as soon as we
pause to ponder the subject. God intends for us to derive the
spiritual benefit which comes from sharing with each other, providing
for each other's needs. We are to live as family, and care for each
other as family. In case of the First and Third World this balance is
not achieved, but does this mean that every Christian should curse
their own wealth and prosperity, and dedicate every financial asset to
the poor and needy? Theoretically, this may sound a valid idea, but
practically, it is nieve and implausible.

There is n...

... middle of paper ... life. Relating to modern society,
I believe the command is more of severe warning against the sins of
gluttony and selfishness, which can lead to modern crimes such as
fraud and theft. As long as you follow God's will and are wise in your
treatment of money, then having wealth is perfectly justifiable. In
order to follow God's will, you must acknowledge how fortunate you are
and treat God's creation with respect; which means supporting
charities and dedicating fractions of your life to helping the Third
World inhabitants. God does not want a world of ruthless capitalism,
but neither does he want a world of corrupt communism, otherwise he
would have equally shared resources. He simply wants the wealthy to be
treat his creation with respect and humility, and realise they have a
moral duty to aid the lacking and needy.

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