How Shakespeare Presents the Falling in Love of Ferdinand and Miranda Essay

How Shakespeare Presents the Falling in Love of Ferdinand and Miranda Essay

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How Shakespeare Presents the Falling in Love of Ferdinand and Miranda

The concept of the relationship between Miranda and Ferdinand is one
of the fundamental aspects of the play. In relation to the plot
itself, the eventual idea that the pair will eventually end up
together is part of Prospero's 'big plan', as it were. Shakespeare not
only presents their falling in love and relationship as an important
part of the make up of his play, but also uses the two characters to
bring up a number of different concepts and themes, in addition to
showing the audience the internal struggle Prospero faces and as a
means to look more closely at the character of the 'protagonist'.

This idea that Prosper is the hero of the play is in many ways
justifiable, however Shakespeare makes his main character very
interesting through his in depth presentation of his characteristics;
he is a man plagued by emotional conflictions, facing both the mental
struggle of effectively giving up Miranda to Ferdinand and the
feelings of anger and betrayal that are so prominent throughout. There
is also his excessive perfectionism and need to be in control at all
times, along with a mean and rather cruel side that comes out through
his treatment of Caliban. Altogether his character and personal
struggles make Prospero a character of tempestuous nature.

It is important, I feel, to relate any themes that arise back to
Prospero in some way; the concept of Miranda and Ferdinand getting
married fits specifically into this category. Shakespeare very
effectively shows the love a father has for a daughter through
Prospero, this is strengthened by the fact that they have been ...

... middle of paper ...

...arriage; this suggests a contrasting
seriousness to the entire theme of marriage - it is an important
issue, almost a legal bond which should not be broken.

Overall, the relationship between Miranda and Ferdinand is the main
positive occurrence in the play, it signifies a new generation, but
also leads to Prospero's realisation that after his plan - the one he
had spent so many years conceiving - he will no longer be the main
character of Miranda's life, and will return to everyday life a normal
man. This is reflected by his moment of reflection and the long pause
where he delves into the mysteries of life and questions humanity and
'the grand scheme of things'. The relationship is typical of a
romantic idealised love affair, and so seems to provide the audience
with moments of warmth and comic, rather sweet imagery.

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