The Most Important Messages and Themes in the Novel Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry

The Most Important Messages and Themes in the Novel Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry

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The Most Important Messages and Themes in the Novel Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry
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'Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry' by Mildred D. Taylor is a powerful novel
about the Loganfamily and the problems and injustices that they have
to face. The book is set in Mississippi in the 1930s. This is
important because at the time, white people were very cruel and racist
towards blacks, and sometimes they treated them as slaves. The novel
revolves mainly around the black Logan family, and book is told from
the point of view of a black child - Cassie Logan. There are many
themes and messages portrayed in the book.

The most important theme in the novel is the racial prejudice and
segregation between the black and white people. This is prevalent
throughout and only at the end is there some cooperation.

The racism towards blacks even takes place inside the schools. For
example, black students are forced to walk to school regardless of the
weather; but white students are privileged and have the pleasure of a
school bus. Also, the whites' school bus deliberately tries to shroud
the black children with dust when it drives by - " ' …the bus had sped
past, enveloping him in a scarlet haze while laughing white faces
pressed against the bus windows' " - p. 14 lines 8-9. This always
leaves Cassie and her brothers fuming but what could they do?

Another example of racism in schools is the table on p.23 that is
printed on the inside cover of a black child's 'new' book. The last
row of the table says "12...

... middle of paper ... no matter what their colour of their skin.' This
message is the answer to all the racism that is unfortunately
prevalent in every single chapter of the book.

There is also an important emphasis on family in the novel. A message
could be ' Love and stick by your family and you will gain. ' I think
this because a person like Papa who is a family man, dealt with his
difficult predicaments, drew strength from his family and came out
stronger. For example, when he got shot.

However a person like T.J. who rejected and didn't care much about his
family had no luck and got punished.

Another minor message is ' Don't take your home for granted because
there are people in this world who don't have one but would do
anything to get one.' I think this because of the Logan family and
their obsession with having the land.

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