The Suspense In The Sixth Sense Essay

The Suspense In The Sixth Sense Essay

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The Suspense In The Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense is a psychological thriller. It follows a very simple
set of conventions that are associated with all psychological
thrillers. The hero or anti-hero is always present in psychological
thrillers and is there for the audience to relate to. Vulnerable
characters are often depicted as small children. Children are seen as
innocent and un-knowing, it is easy for the audience to be aware of
what the children are going through as they were all one once.
Suspense is always built up with dramatic and scary music. Using this
convention allows the audience time to realise that something is going
to happen. When the audience views a psychological thriller they
immediately expect to see these conventions appear throughout the
film. They know that if they go and see this genre of film that they
are going to be held in suspense and that many of the characters will
have to face dangerous or unusual situations.

Many films fall into the genre of Psychological thriller. These have
proved to be very successful and have had a very good audience
reception. Many thrillers are also crossed with the horror genre, e.g.
What Lies Beneath, Sleepy Hollow and The Haunting. The film that I
think is most closely connected to the Sixth Sense is The Hand That
Rocks The Cradle. This also contains the very important convention
audience foreknowledge, which is a defining aspect of many thrillers.
The Hand that Rocks The Cradle was popular because all the way through
the movie the audience knows whom the nanny is and it is just a matter
of waiting to see how she seeks her revenge.

The audience foreknowledge in the Six...

... middle of paper ...

...ow, The
Haunting), some films do in a very abstract way represent real life
issues e.g. Scream. Serial Killers do exist and so the Scream Trilogy
is not altogether that far away from real life. These types of films
give you an extra scare, as they could have happened. Another popular
genre of film is comedy and so when the two genres are crossed the
films created are usually very well received. The film Scary Movie was
a huge hit in both the UK and America as it made the audience laugh as
well as scare them.

The Sixth Sense was a huge success because it was an original story
and especially because of the twist at the end. It made a large impact
on the audience that went to see it because it was new and exciting.
Although the psychological thriller genre has been around for a long
time, The Sixth Sense revived it.

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