Essay on Analysis of Media Devices in The Italian Job

Essay on Analysis of Media Devices in The Italian Job

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Analysis of Media Devices in The Italian Job

Both films show an insight into technology; the modern version is more
technologically advanced. All this is due to the availability of
technology in the two eras. Donald Sutherland known as John Bridger in
the later version of the film uses a mobile phone and whilst carrying
out the mission the use of infer-red devices, laptops and other
technology is also significantly used. In contrast to this the 1969
version Michael Cain gets the main idea from the slideshow left by
Beckerman. Also whilst Seth Green hacks into the traffic network
system in the 2003 version the tapes are manually switched in the
previous edition. The technology element is effective because it uses
equipment and gadgets, which you don't use during day-to-day life.

As well as technology music played a great part in both films to
create pace and excitement. In the modern Italian Job the music is
composed and produced by John Powell. The rhythmic opening titles
start with some thick European strings and as the scenes develop in to
more tension the pace and the rhythm increases, the "car chase" is one
example. It combines with sound effects to create an escalating
feeling which enhances the film by making it more dramatic and
exciting. The music in the 1969 Italian Job also played a big part to
add effectiveness to the film. Quincy Jones music, which includes a
choral drinking song called the self - preservation society does a lot
to keep the movie entertaining. It combines with an ecstatic prison
celebration to make us feel that we're in the middle of a big party.
The music in the 1969 Italian job adds effectiveness, wh...

... middle of paper ...

...ive suits
and the women are scene in underwear. This media feature creates
effectiveness by endorsing the product and making it exciting for some

At first glance the original Italian job appears to be a light-hearted
action packed affair. The comedy element Cain brings to the lead role
manifestly itself in his wise cracking jokes. References to Charlie
shooting tigers in India and travelling America are effective in
establishing Charlie's character as a lovable rogue. Charlie is not a
very intelligent character, he likes to joke and be entertained by
women. Whilst invading the wedding during the car chase, Cain bellowed
to the bride "good luck". In contrast to this in the Italian Job
(2003) Mark Wahlberg (Charlie) is a more intellectual and sombre
character and he's not interested in a lady's disposition.

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