Essay on A Comparison of Three Formal Letters

Essay on A Comparison of Three Formal Letters

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A Comparison of Three Formal Letters

Formal letter 1 - 'Morton Michel Insurance Services'

This is a formal letter confirming the payment of a customer's payment
for their childminders insurance. The letter is uses a lot of
different techniques to make it as affective as possible.


The first thing you notice about this formal letter is that it
contains a very distinct letterhead. This contains the company logo,
address, name, contact number, web-address and a list of partners of
the company. It has been formatted in blue to help it to stand out.
This letterhead would be used on most of the company's letters. This
is because the document would be saved as a template on the company's
computer and therefore when they need to produce a formal letter they
need not insert this information, therefore saving time.

The letter does not contain an address of the company on the
right-hand side above the date, as you would expect because the
information is in the letterhead. Instead of an address in this space
there is no information, only white space. This tells the reader that
this area of the letter is not important and therefore the reader
looks to the other side and starts to read. This is a good use of
white space as it directs the reader as to where to look.

At the bottom of the letter is the footer. This contains extra
information about 'Morton Michel Insurance Services'. This like the
header would be saved on the template to save time.

The letter is of a portrait orientation because this is the logical
order in presenting text. It enables the reader to follow the flow of
information from top to bottom.


... middle of paper ...

...y of ending a letter when it is addressed to someone using
their name.


The purpose of the letter is to inform the reader of the 'young driver
programme' that their son will undertake at college. It does this very
well by using combinations of techniques. To improve the letter the
main body of the text could be moved up so that it fit on the page
without overlapping the footer. This would make better use of the
white space.


Out of the three formal letters I have evaluated I think that the
'Callington Community College' is the most effective in serving its
purpose as a formal letter. This is mainly due to the fact that it
combines all the information to use the white space effectively and
the use of colour to attract the reader and draw their attention to
various pieces information.

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