Reasons Behind the Russian Revolution Essay

Reasons Behind the Russian Revolution Essay

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Reasons Behind the Russian Revolution In March 1917, the situation for the Russians had become desperate and
the workers wanted political changes as well as food and fuel. In
Petrograd (as St.Petersburg had been renamed to avoid any German
connection), 40,000 workers went on strike for higher wages and the
people and troops overthrew the Tsar. The Rominov dynasty was to end
after 304 years, bought down by the March 1917 revolution. So what
were the long and short-term causes that led to this milestone in
history? Firstly we have to ask ourselves, what is a long-term cause
and what is a short-term cause. I consider a long-term cause to be
something that started more than one year before the event, in the
case of the Russian revolution, before 1916. A short-term cause
therefore is something that happened a year or less before the event,
1916 till 1917. This is usually the final spark, triggering the
inevitable - the Russian revolution. It seemed necessary for long and
short term causes to interact to cause the revolution.

The Tsars autocracy was very badly organised and caused many conflicts
between the people and the Russian government. It had been like this
for a long time and needed a complete change. The Tsarist system meant
that the Tsar had complete power and authority. He was the head of the
state and had control over the Russian Orthodox Church. All the
important decisions were made in St.Petersburg, without asking the
people of Ru...

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...ecause the main
trigger of the Russian 1917 revolution was the strikes and Nicholas's
behaviour in War. The working conditions did not improve under the
provisional government, which therefore meant there was more support
for the Marxists who made preparations for the revolution.

I therefore consider this long-term cause of the First World War to be
the main cause that contributed to all the others - without this main
cause the Revolution may not have happened at all. That would have
caused immense chaos and uproar because eventually the situation would
have reached breaking point. All of these causes are made worse in
conjunction with others. The working conditions did not improve under
the provisional government, which therefore meant there was more
support for the Marxists who made preparations for the revolution.

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