Major Developments in Hardware and Software Essay

Major Developments in Hardware and Software Essay

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Major Developments in Hardware and Software


To the present computers only they have left two generations more to
be able to continue being at the same time smaller and more powerful,
the two generations that calculate that they allow the present
technologies of miniaturization of its basic circuits. The perspective
of not being able to maintain this tendency does not please anything
to the physicists and computer science technicians, reason why,
supported by the great companies of the sector, are looking for new
approaches completely for the computers of the future. No of these
approaches appears simple but all are suggestive, although to risk to
imagine one of these computers - molecular, quantum or from DNA is
still premature.

Whatever it buys a computer nowadays knows that it will be obsolete in
a pair of years. Now we give by seated the inexorable increase of the
power of the computers. But that cannot follow eternally thus, at
least, if the computers continue being based on the present
technologies. Gordon Moore, cofounder of Intel and one of gurus of the
technology of the information, anticipate that the existing methods of
miniaturization only will offer two generations more of computers
before its capacity is exhausted.

In 1965, Moore made a prediction that was confirmed with amazing
precision in the three following decades: the power of the computers
would duplicate every 18 months. This increase has been due mainly to
the more and more small size of the electronic components, so that
every time a microprocessor or chip can be introduced more of them in.
A modern chip of only half square centimeter ...

... middle of paper ...

... important. But all their
possible uses are so many, that specialists are needed, like in the
medicine, of each one of their parts. There per 1947, when the
transistor was invented, and when Jaquard (1804) designed a loom that
performed predefined tasks through feeding punched cards into a
reading contraption; nobody imagined how quickly that it would take to
get the nowadays supercomputers.


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