Frodo and the Shire in The Lord of the Rings Essay

Frodo and the Shire in The Lord of the Rings Essay

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Frodo and the Shire in The Lord of the Rings

Frodo is the main character in this movie; throughout the film, he
plays a vital role in the plot. In this essay, I will be analysing the
portrayal of Frodo and the Shire.

Before we meet Frodo in the Shire, a prologue introduces the film and
is full of evil and fiery mountains. This contrasts greatly with the
lush, green Shire. Our first view of Frodo in the film is when he is
under a tree reading - this gives us an impression of intellectuality
and that he is educated. Also, the fact that he is sitting under a
tree, surrounded be green, suggests that he is at one with nature - he
is a nature lover like all hobbits. The shot of Frodo sitting under a
tree is the first we see of the Shire. In this film, this is very
important as it gives us - the audience - an impression of the Shire
and it will stay with us throughout the rest of the film and the rest
of the trilogy. So, with all the green wonders of nature around Frodo,
we see Frodo as an innocent hobbit and we do not associate him with
anything evil. Frodo sitting under a tree alone also suggests that he
is a solitary person.

Music and sound effects are two very important features in a film,
which need to be addressed carefully and skilfully. The theme music
for the Shire is particularly effective as it is a soothing and
peaceful theme. It is very relaxed and happy - almost natural. 'The
Shire Theme' is a combination of flute and strings; this gives us a
rural, pastoral feel and reminds us of folk and Gaelic music. This
Shire theme is not only associated with the Shire, but with Frodo, as
well. 'The Shire Theme' keeps returning t...

... middle of paper ...

...s. Gandalf drives through the
streets and does nothing much to the disappointment of the children
but then lets out fireworks from the back of the cart, the children
them scream with delight - this really does show how peaceful the
Shire is and is very significant through the film. The fireworks are a
mixture of special effects used in the program Adobe Photoshop and a
couple of smoke bombs. Frodo likes the fireworks, he likes Gandalf,
this shows he does not meet the average hobbits requirement. Before
the firework scene, Bilbo is narrating and describes hobbits as people
who only like eating, drinking and smoking and people who like peace
and tranquillity. Frodo is a non-conformist, he likes fireworks and
enjoys a bit of fun - this in itself makes Frodo an exceptional
character and outlines his importance in the film.

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