Memorable Family Moments Caught by Photography Essay

Memorable Family Moments Caught by Photography Essay

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Memorable Family Moments Caught by Photography

Family photographs have enabled me to develop a way to keep my family
with me all the time, even when they are really not there. These
pictures of my family represent a wide variety of importance and
emotions in my life. Many of them serves as a link to my home life,
since I am away at college without my family I allow their pictures to
be decorations (memoirs) in my apartment. Some of them mean more than
others, some are recent, and others come from my childhood. A picture
I have framed on the center wall in my apartment is of my family on
vacation this summer; it depicts our true "selves" and exemplifies how
much we truly love one another.
I am standing on the left side of my father in this photo with my mom
on his left and my brother on hers. We are on vacation at the Atlantis
Resort and as I look at this picture of my family a warm, delightful
feeling rushes over me. I remember the exact day it was taken and all
the wonderful things that occurred on this trip. We are standing in
front of the same decorative wall by the pools, as my brother was the
night before when he proposed to his girlfriend, Leslie, of six years.
Our annual family vacation is normally to Amelia Island, but this year
we went further away to a totally different environment. Our pictures
from this trip look different from our other family vacation photos,
yet we are still the same loving family.
Ideas of the traditional, typical, yet blissful family vacation that
many families try to take each year is what I think of when I see
pictures like this one. Whether or not a family has the capability of
affording some...

... middle of paper ...

...wn heart and
is generally never the same for two different people. This family
photo at the Atlantis is important to me because it is of my loving
family while we are away from the stresses of one typical day-to-day
life and our having a good time with one another. Yet, from my brother
and Leslie who got engaged on the trip it holds many other memories
and importance. Emotions can arise from almost any type pf picture you
own, but a family photograph, especially one where the families "real"
selves can be seen, can illuminate a person's heart to many feelings
of contentment and self-belonging. Family photography has existed
throughout time and holds a special meaning to all of us, yet how we
interpret it and use it in our own life depends on the way we feel
truly feel about the ones who stand in the photograph with us.

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