A Comparative Analysis of Shakespeares "Shall I Compare Thee and Donne's The Flea

A Comparative Analysis of Shakespeares "Shall I Compare Thee and Donne's The Flea

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A Comparative Analysis of Shakespeares "Shall I Compare Thee and Donne's The Flea

In "shall I Compare Thee" Shakespeare is addressing a woman, although
it is not clear who, the most likely person is his dark lady.
Shakespeare addresses this woman directly in a charming way.

The poem is not said to of been set in a particular place but I
believe it is more then likely to of have been set in a garden because
the things he compares the woman with are found outside. The poem is
about Shakespeare trying to explain he deep his love is for this
woman. Although I would like to believe that this poem is about
platonic love it is my opinion that Shakespeare is trying to ensure a
sexual relationship with this woman, because he already has a wife.

In "The Flea" the poet addresses the woman directly. The poem, unlike
"Shall I Compare Thee" is set inside in a bedroom, which shows just
how close they already are to having sex! In "Shall I Compare Thee"
the poet's ulterior motive is much more subtle then in "The Flea", in
fact in "The Flea" the subject of the poem is about Donne trying to
seduce the woman into having sex with him, even thought they are not
married and it says that "parents grudge" their relationship.

The poems have two different tones "Shall I Compare Thee" is all about
eternal love and "The Flea" is about immediate love.

In "Shall I Compare Thee" the type of love being expressed seems to be
a genuine love; Shakespeare is trying to persuade his dark lady that
he really, really loves her.

The first argument in "Shall I Compare Thee" is expressed in the first
two quatrains when Shakespeare tries to compare the woman to a

... middle of paper ...

...wo sentences in the entire poem are facets on just one

The rhyme scheme, layout and form of "The Flea" are again
non-conformist to the traditional love poem formula; the rhyme scheme
for the first stanza is AA/BB/CC/DDD. The poem is laid out in three
stanzas to represent each new twist of Donne's syllogistic argument.

I believe both of these love poems are enjoyable because "Shall I
Compare Thee" is a great example of a technically sound, classical
love poem, and "The Flea" on the other hand is a refreshing
alternative to the technically sound, classical love poem (With a
comical twist).

My study of love poetry has changed the way I think about love poetry
I don't think love poetry is one specific thing anymore I know there
are at least two different variations, and I expect there are many

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