The Bible and Euthanasia Essay

The Bible and Euthanasia Essay

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Euthanasia is a controversial issue in today's society. It is defined
as the intentional ending of a life with the purpose of relieving pain
or suffering. Many people believe that it is within a human's right to
die a peaceful, dignified death with assistance. While others believe
that euthanasia is an immoral act and that legalising the deliberate
killing of humans will undermine the legal system in the UK. Currently
in the UK, it is illegal for a doctor or another person to
deliberately do something that causes the patient to die - e.g. an
injection. This is known as active euthanasia, and the person could
face murder or manslaughter charges. However, letting a patient die by
switching off a life support machine does happen in hospitals in the
UK. This is known as passive euthanasia and is not illegal.

The Voluntary Euthanasia Society campaigns for the legalisation of
euthanasia in the UK. The organisation campaigns to make it legal for
a competent adult, who is suffering from a severe or terminal illness,
to be allowed to request medical help to die at their own request. The
organisation supports the 'right to choose', and believes that we as
individuals should be able to decide when and how to die. It believes
that euthanasia is humane as it prevents a dying person from losing
their dignity through suffering and it can also be a relief to
families who experience anguish and distress by watching their
relative suffering.

Many Christians believe that euthanasia is wrong, as life is a gift
given by God and only he should take it. They believe that birth and
death are controlled by God, and they should be respected. Death

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...a dignified death. Also I
disagree with the legal system when criminal charges are enforced upon
a person who is assisting another person to die peacefully. I think
that people's judgement of euthanasia is negative, as death is
regarded as a bad thing. However voluntary euthanasia is positive as
it gives the patient personal choice and may shorten the grief of the
patient's loved ones if they know that the patient died a peaceful
death. Although some people believe that euthanasia devalues life, I
do not agree because I feel that it gives the patient an opportunity
to end his or her life by celebrating their life in the company of
loved ones. To conclude, I think that society's view on euthanasia
needs to be more open, and hopefully people will realise that it is a
positive thing, and not just a means of a quick death.

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