Essay on Evaluation of Patient Interview

Essay on Evaluation of Patient Interview

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For my interview I decided to interview someone who thought they were

While interviewing the patient there were a lot of things I felt I
shouldn't have done. When I welcomed the patient into my office I
didn't close the door behind them and so all the noise from outside
was coming in and it was hard to hear what she was trying to say to
me. There was also lack of privacy lack of confidentiality; as
everyone would be able to know all about the patients problems.

I wasn't very professional during the interview as I didn't wear the
appropriate clothes, I just had casual, every day clothes, and I felt
I should have worn something smarter.

I also needed to prepare my interview a lot better as I should have
wrote down questions that I was going to ask the patient, planned out
better what I was going to do, and wrote down an explanation of each
thing I was doing for the patient.

When I was asking the patient questions I didn't speak very clearly as
she wasn't able to hear me properly, and I should have ex...

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