Ridley Scott's Persuasion that Romans are Not Invaders in Film Gladiator

Ridley Scott's Persuasion that Romans are Not Invaders in Film Gladiator

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Ridley Scott's Persuasion that Romans are Not Invaders in Film Gladiator

Gladiator is a tale of betrayal, bravery and survival. Gladiator
(2000) is the critically acclaimed Academy Award winning Action/Drama,
which sets the audience expectations high, Ridley Scott had directed
gladiator, this being his 14th film. His most famous and successful
films include Alien (1979) and Blade Runner (1982). Gladiator is set
in the ancient era of the Roman Empire allowing the audience to escape
to a fantasy filled with history, culture and adventure. It
ambitiously depicts, 'the story of a farmer who became a general, a
general who became a slave, a slave who became a gladiator, the
gladiator who defied the emperor.' Russell Crowe who previously
starred in Insider (1999) stars as GeneralMaximus Decimus Meridus, a
honourable General, loyal to both his emperor and Rome. Russell Crowe
impersonates the role as Maximus perfectly, powerful yet noble.
Therefore the audience acknowledges his character and are more
compassionate towards Maximus. The Romans are the villains however
they are portrayed as heroic and legendary. Then again if the viewers
weren't aware of this they have cunningly been conned into believing
the Romans are truly heroes. Throughout the film Ridley Scott uses
narrative and quality screenplay and his unique directing techniques
to manipulate the audience into believing the Romans are the
protagonist and the Germanians antagonists. Evidently from the
beginning credits Ridley Scott is deceiving the audience into a
subjective viewpoint where the Romans are in favour. Gladiator is set
in the epoch of the Roman Empire's greatest hour. Th...

... middle of paper ...

...ever acknowledged before. During the course of this
coursework I have gained much needed skills that I can use throughout
my life to come. I have learnt to recognize and identify when I am
trying to be mislead to believing false information, this cannot only
be used in films but in adverts and programmes. I can use my newfound
skills to enter adulthood prepared. The way director's influence your
judgement is very intellectual, the use of lighting, sound,
characters, speech and special effects all combined successfully
convinces viewers what is wanted of them to believe. Film addicts and
shoppers are all example of puppets where directors and mangers pull
our strings to make us believe what is wanted to benefit them.

Therefore Ridley Scott is a master at being cunning and deceitful but
we admire and praise him for it.

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