Comparing and Contrasting the Methods of Sufragettes and Suffragists Essays

Comparing and Contrasting the Methods of Sufragettes and Suffragists Essays

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Comparing and Contrasting the Methods of Sufragettes and Suffragists

The suffragists were different from the suffragettes because the
suffragists used moderate and peaceful methods to get through their
argument but the suffragettes thought that the suffragists idea was
working too slowly so they wanted to be completely opposite to them so
they used militant methods. The suffragettes believed in 'Deeds Not
Words' and especially when they knew that the Liberal Government was
not going to introduce reforms, so they turned to militant methods.
The suffragettes restricted membership of WSPU to women and to men,
which meant men were not allowed to join. To show that the
suffragettes used the motto 'Deeds Not Words' in their campaign in
1905 Christabel Pankhurst was sent to prison for hitting and spitting
at a policeman at a Liberal meeting. Their most effective methods were
to use megaphones to heckle Liberal candidates at by-elections.

The suffragists believed in peaceful methods such as holding meetings,
issuing leaflets, an...

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