Women's Right to Vote Due to Their Contribution to the War Effort Essays

Women's Right to Vote Due to Their Contribution to the War Effort Essays

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Women's Right to Vote Due to Their Contribution to the War Effort

In August 1914 Britaindeclared war on Germany. Both the suffragettes
and suffragists suspended their campaigns. Shortly after the outbreak
of World War I, the government ordered the unconditional release of
all suffrage prisoners. On August 13, Emmeline Pankhurst called a
temporary suspension to militancy and asked her followers to support
her in the war effort.

The suffragette movement was now effectively over although some ex-
WSPU members formed and joined other groupings that continued to
campaign for women enfranchisement, such as the suffragettes of the
WSPU, the independent WSPU, the Women's Freedom League, and the United
Suffragists. Some leaders of the WSPU such as Emmeline Pankhurst and
her daughter. Christabel played an important role as speakers at
meetings to recruit young men into the army. Others like Sylvia
Pankhurst were opposed to the war and refused to carry out this role.
Some members of the WSPU disagreed with the decision to call of
militant activities, for example, Kitty Marion was so angry she went
to USA to help American women in their fight for the vote.

So many men had gone away to fight that women were needed to do their
jobs. As a result, the number of women working in the industry
increased enormously. The war gave women the opportunity to prove
their worth in the war effort. As more and more men were required to
fight, there were huge numbers of jobs in industry and other essential
areas. Women volunteered to help fill the shortages. Many joined the
Women's Land Army or Voluntary Aid Detachments (VAD's). Women worked
in many areas ...

... middle of paper ...

...re campaigning for the rights of women voting were
also smart because when the situation arose in August 1914 when
Britain declared war on Germany, they knew that many men would have to
go away so they paused their campaigning and went out to help cover
the men's jobs and carry on working for them but also knowing this
would help their opportunity to get the vote because all they had to
do was a great job on covering for the men, so they knew the
government would have to give the voted but also if they were going to
give it because the politicians were scared after that the
suffragettes might start their militant action again so they had no
choice but to give the women the vote, which eventually came in 1918
which women over 30 gained the vote and so really women did do a good
jobs during the war and deserved the vote.

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