The Political Past, Present, and Future of Russia Essay

The Political Past, Present, and Future of Russia Essay

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The Political Past, Present, and Future of Russia Russia never associated as a democracy in anyone's mind. It had always
been an authoritarian regime of different species and developed a
mentality, which creates an almost unsurpassable obstacle for
democratic development. Unlike Britain, which took gradual and
methodical steps towards democracy, Russia always had abrupt and
extreme changes that always created chaos and significantly slowed
down the development of the democratic system. By the end of the 20th
century Russia finally embarked on a pragmatic course towards
democracy, however it certainly prognosis a long establishment.

Russia's history and culture traces back for over a thousand years,
which left deep marks in the mentality of Russian people and certainly
had a great impact in Russia's political and cultural development.
Russia was always somewhat different from most of the European
countries; it was isolated by different political principals and

From the early historical development Russia took a different route
from the rest of Europe. It adopted the orthodox religion from the
Byzantine Empire and became the center of orthodoxy, the main religion
of present Russian Federation, while most European states had Roman
Catholicism. Besides religion Russia also acquired the Cyrillic
alphabet that is still used today, instead of Latin alphabet that was
used throughout Western Europe. However, the biggest difference
between Rus...

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...o gear political development to a

It is rather difficult to tell precisely where Putin's polity and
actions will take Russia in the future. Will he develop a democracy or
turn back to autocracy? Might sound a little poetic, but realistically
speaking Russia is still far to match the examples of western
democracies. The long established historical influence and mentality
must be cleared away through generations and generations, before the
people would be ready to accept democracy. For now Russia should
attempt to make smart choices, which would push it towards the
democratic dream. Who knows, maybe a several decades years later our
great grandchildren would be writing papers and doing studies on the
great Russian phenomenon: The great transition from complete autocracy
to a most successful democracy.

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