Lady Macbeth's Character and Its Change Throughout the Play Essay

Lady Macbeth's Character and Its Change Throughout the Play Essay

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Lady Macbeth's Character and Its Change Throughout the Play

Lady Macbeth's character throughout the play changes very
dramatically. At the start of the play she is portrayed as a powerful,
manipulative woman who doesn't have second thoughts about plotting to
kill the King of Scotland. However after the "dirty deed" is done Lady
Macbeth's character seems to disintegrate. She suffers a nervous
breakdown and apparently commits suicide. Why does this happen to Lady
Macbeth? Is she really the cruel manipulative person that she is
portrayed to be or does she have hidden depths to her character?

Many different versions of Lady Macbeth have been made and released,
and in every version, Lady Macbeth's character has been portrayed
differently. She has been portrayed as devious, wicked, manipulative,
and purely evil, with no conscience. Lady Macbeth has also been
portrayed as a woman with a "white heart" and very complex feelings.

The initial impression of the Macbeths is that they have a very strong
relationship, this relationship is very equally based. The Macbeths
also seems to have a lot of love and respect for each other. In the
letter Lady Macbeth receives, Macbeth refers to his Lady as "My
dearest partner in greatness," We can infer from this that the
Macbeths are very close and discuss everything together. At the start
of the play when Lady Macbeth receives the letter, Macbeth writes
saying that is soon he will be king, Lady Macbeth is really ambitious
for him, "Thou wouldst be great" and this shows the love and ambition
for the other between the couple.

This type of relationship was very untypical of the time, because in
this ...

... middle of paper ...

...acbeth needs Macbeth for comfort, confide in, and
to be safe, but without him she just falls apart.

Now at the end of the play the audience are able to see that Lady
Macbeth's character has changed from the strong, determined, and
powerful woman that was first portrayed to a scared, obsessive, even
mental woman who's previous actions have contributed greatly towards
her current state. At the beginning Lady Macbeth finds the strength to
entice Macbeth to murder Duncan. As time advances through, her
pretended strength diminishes as she fights the torments of her
conscience. Tending to her conscience Lady Macbeth cannot support
Macbeth against Malcom. Lady Macbeth attempts to suppress her
conscience, but fails. At the end she chooses death because she can no
longer bear the torments of her guilt, so she commits suicide.

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