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Use of Parody in Shrek

The basic plot line of `Shrek' is there is an ogre called Shrek, his
swamp is taken over by conventinal fairytale characters and the only
way to get rid of them is too save the princess. Shrek and princess
Fiona fall in love. Then Fiona turns out to be an ogre, and then Shrek
and Fiona marry. And as said in the film they live ugly ever after. In
a conventional fairytale this wouldn't happen as the hero himself
would go save the damsel in distress. Then they would marry and live
happily ever after. In this essay I will be showing How `Shrek' uses
parody in order to appeal to a wide and varied audience. A parody is
an imitation of an original to entertain.

All the way through `Shrek' there is parody. In the plot there is
parody. This is seen in the film when Shrek rescues Fiona. In an
conventional fairytale this wouldn't happen, as normally the prince
would save the damsel in distress. In `Shrek' this doesn't happen,
this interests the viewer as it has a twist in the tale and adds
tension to the moment. In conventional fairytales there isn't normally
a moral but in `Shrek' there is. The moral is beauty comes from

The characters in `Shrek' appeal to all ages especially children as
they can relate themselves to them.

Shrek is a repulsive green ogre who is portrayed to be self-centred
and is happy with his life the way it is. His fairytale comparison is
Prince Charming. He is portrayed as Prince Charming as he rescues the
princess and marries her like Prince Charming does in Cinderella.
Princess Fiona is an attractive picturesque princess with a twist.
She's an ogre. Her fairytale comparison is...

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...and "childish"
humour. Teenagers are 'young' adults so they understand the adult
humour but they are also still children at heart. So they understand
the 'childish' humour part. Teenagers will also understand the TV
programme references, like the Blind Date parody at the beginning.

It attracts adults, as they will understand the adult humour. For
example "Although snow white lives with seven men, she is not easy."
Children wouldn't understand this, as it's a sexual reference. There
is also a twist in the tale (this helps it become an unconventional
fairytale.) Adults will understand that this is unconventional. Adults
will also appreciate it's a parody of a fairytale genre.

This film has used parody really well in this movie and it has made
loveable characters and humour to appeal to a wide and varied

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