Villains in Hollywood Films Essay

Villains in Hollywood Films Essay

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Villains in Hollywood Films

Alfred Hitchcock once said "The better the villain, the better the
film" and this year's Hollywood filmmakers have abided by this golden
rule as there was no stopping this year's summer blockbusters from
having a whole horde of villainous characters spreading their wings
onto the big screen, making the darker side more appealing for
audiences. Everybody has gone villain this year, from Tom Cruise to
Halle Berry, from the not- so-friendly extra terrestrials in Alien Vs
Predator to Spiderman's sworn enemy Dr Octopus, played by Alfred

The origin of villains

Villains have been around since evil has walked the earth. People have
been creating villains ever since the beginning of human civilization.
Every tale has its villain and villains are at the core of great
stories. There are few real-life villains but the most colourful ones
exist in literature, theatre and, needless to say, on the silver
screen. Where would Sherlock Holmes be without Professor Moriarty? Or
Iago and his "friendly" advice poison to Othello's ears, destroying
what was so innocent and pure. In Hollywood, the villain has been
portrayed as a person that the audience loves to hate and hates to
love. These characters are made up of wickedness of mind; selfishness
of character and will to power, often masked by beauty and nobility.
Others rage unmasked. Daring the worst to gain the most, the movie
villains we remember best can be horrifically evil, merely sleazy, or
grandiosely funny, but are usually complex, moving and tragic. The
earliest known villain caught on film would be the serpent in the
Garden of Eden coaxing Adam and...

... middle of paper ...

...Men with one of the most original,
endearing and plain super human lead characters in years.

Leading this summer's villain battle is Tom Cruise who for the first
is playing a bad guy in Michael Mann's adult thriller Collateral. The
Cruiser puts aside his Samurai armour and plays Vincent, a
slicker-than-thou assassin who takes LA Taxi driver Max, played by
Jamie Foxx, hostage over the course of a single night, during which he
has five hits to carry out, while Mark Ruffalo's dogged cop tries to
stop him. Collateral promises dead-eye action and gritty visuals but
there are some who doubt whether the great movie-going public will
accept Tom Cruise as a bad guy in Collateral but nevertheless it will
still be a joy to watch Cruise finally unleash his id, as on screen he
has always come close to being the psychotic villain.

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