Essay about William Shakespeare's The Tempest

Essay about William Shakespeare's The Tempest

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William Shakespeare's The Tempest

Consider the character of Prospero and show how he used his position
to control many of the characters in the play and how his actions
contribute to the dramatic effectiveness. How do his actions and the
attitude of the characters to him relate to the events and thinking of
Shakespeare's day?

In the Tempest, the character of Prospero is the protagonist. Prospero
is the father of Miranda and has spent twelve years on the island
since he was usurped from being the Duke of Milan. Prospero is a
powerful man, which makes him a good leader. He is very knowledgeable
because of the books he read. He also has control, because he can be
harsh and firm but also virtuous towards others. Prospero would also
seem a cruel character to a modern day audience because of sense of
control and harshness he has over the other characters. However this
would have been accepted, as the traits of a good leader because in
Shakespeare's day being a good leader would entail being harsh and
cruel towards others so therefore Prospero was looked upon as a good
leader. This connects to James the first (the King at the time
Shakespeare wrote this play) because Shakespeare is suggesting that
James the first has these qualities, (harshness, cruel, firm) because
he is a King just like Prospero in the play. In Shakespeare's time it
would have be expected that a good leader should be harsh and firm-
often the leader was head of his family. Throughout the play we see
Prospero's harshness, towards Caliban, Ariel, Miranda and Ferdinand.
Prospero is very firm towards Ariel. Ariel has no freedom because
Prospero controls her. He needed to...

... middle of paper ...

...intless therefore the only form of control is violence
and that is why Prospero uses violence towards Caliban- because he is
not worth educating. When this play is dramatised Caliban could be
represented as a creature that is grovelling on the floor next to
Prospero showing a height difference meaning that Prospero is more
powerful and human like. Prospero is more powerful than Caliban
because they each try to curse each other but the curses from Caliban
are empty because he has a lack of power.

The start of the play immediately fills the audience with suspense,
because they do not know what is going on and there is a sense of
chaos and action that adds to the dramatic effectiveness. This opening
scene does not tell the audience much, and it also seems normal
because there is nothing supernatural or strange about it.

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